OCE Aurelion Sol

Centuries ago, the ancient inhabitants of Runeterra discovered one frightening fact: They were not _alone. _ In the limitless depths of space, a being with a terrible power equal to that of a god, began its slow journey to this insignificant rock. Whole civilisations looked up in terror and awe. Aurelion Sol scowled down at the fragile creatures running from his rainbow comet, it pleased him slightly to be revered so, but this fleeting emotion did not shake him from his rage, he had only one concern, Targon. Called from his galactic nest among the stars to deal with some small incursion by the void, a task not worthy of a creature of his stature, this time he would show Targon that he was far from their slave, despite the cost.. The ancient Shurimans building their sun disk, carved his likeness upon their temple walls, and lands that would later become Damacia and Noxus would pass down stories of the passing god for generations to come. But in the pacific, the people gave him their own name, in an expansive land of red desert and dreamtime the people revered him as the creator calling him _Dhakkan_ or the 'Rainbow Serpent' and in the newly found land of the Long-White-Cloud the brave tribal warriors honoured him and named him _Taniwha!_ Even now, after the lands of Shurima, Damacia and Noxus have let his legend has fall into nothing but myths and stories, the people of the pacific still draw the Rainbow Serpent and the Taniwha, after so much time their images may no longer accurately represent the great Star Dragon, but even in these humble drawings you can still see his long twisting body and ever changing rainbow skin. His stories are told, changed by time into tales for children and the superstitious, and thats the way it will stay... Until the The Star Forger's return! {{champion:136}}

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