I had an idea about a new champion that i think riot could make

i think that the champion i am thinking about it pretty cool i call it bread man. His passive would be when in the river he would be slowed by 10% but gain 20% armour. his q would be throw ham at the enemy that makes them lose 10 armour and 10 magic resist and make them take some dmg. his w would be him taking a bit of himself and eating it to heal but takes away 1 armour each time but when he goes back to base he regains his original armour. the e would be him flopping onto of an enemy and snaring them for a few seconds with him aswell. his r would be him splitting himself into 5 little sandwichs that when he uses an ability all his sandwichs do the same abiltiy so it would be x5 dmg for the ability if it hits.
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