Rotation game mode idea (Death to dragons)

Right so had this cool idea of an awesome game mode that could be absolutely sick. SO You can only play people with a dragon skin or a dragon slayer skin and you get to play as it during the game, it is slayer vs dragons and the aim of the game. These skins include dragon trainer on dragon side. the game is a 3v5 but the dragons have extra powers and higher dmg. Dragon: Defend your nests, if they all die dragon slayers win. Dragon Slayers: Destroy the dragon nests, if you can not kill them in time, the mother dragon will rise and destroy their base with fire. If they have not destroyed all the nests in 20 minutes the dragons win. So the game would be played on a dragon themed summoners rift, where the turrets would be dragons on the dragon side and the slayers would have normal turrets. The dragon nests are the 3 inhibitors The dragon slayers turrets would be invincible but the dragons turrets would be very vulnerable Dragon powers are replaced by summoner spells and there are three of them of which you can choose 2 Fire Breath: Breath fire out into a cone dealing massive damage and being able to control the direction with your cursor. like a Miss fortune ultimate that you can control Dragons wrath: after 2 seconds of channeling, blow all enemies away from you in all directions, dealing damage and stunning them for a brief delay. Queen's gift: after 3 seconds of channeling, teleport 5000 units anywhere around a turret. So I think this would be sick, please share your thoughts, have a great day.
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