Roxavic, The Hoarder. New Champion Idea

So I had this support Idea that would be extremely op unless you help me balance him. Please help me cause I know he is way to op. So basically he is a gold hoarder that steals gold away from his enemies at an extreme risk but if he succeeds then it rewards him and his allies. He is a dragon that wraps around his enemies and lulls them into giving gold. So without further ado... Starting Health- 512 + 3.56 per level. Starting Mana- 304 + 2.7 per level. Passive (Hoarder) - Roxavic starts with an additional 50 gold. Every 150 seconds Roxavic can drain some of his gold into another ally. (why I think he would be so broken. Q (hypnotise)- Roxavic pulls an enemy into his grasp and taunts them. They have reduced damage by 70% and their attacks are reduced by 50%. There is an extreme risk of danger as wrapping around someone means you have to be within 100 range of them. This unit does not have to be an enemy champion but it can not be a large or epic monster. He can use this ability on towers. Using this ability deals % health damage per second to the enemy and drains mana. While on the enemy he drains gold from them if they are a champion. Allies can hit this champion while he is hypnotised. Deals 0.5/0.6/0.7/0.8/0.9% health damage to the enemy per second. 13/14/15/16/17 mana drained per second. 1 gold drained per 3/3/3/2/1 second/s. The maximum time he can do this for is 5/6/7/7/7 seconds. Cooldown- 12 seconds at all ranks W (Tail spike)- Works while in hypnosis state. If hypnotised: Roxavic takes his extremely sharp tail and stabs the hypnotised enemy. If Roxavic has used Poison Breath on them already then tail spike does 1.5 times more damage. Deals (30/40/45/50/55 Damage + 30/40/40/40/45% of AP) 4-second cooldown. If not hypnotised: Roxavic stabs his tail out behind him in a straight line dealing the same damage as if the enemy was hypnotised but with a shorter cooldown. E (Poison breathe) Only works on hypnotised enemies. Roxavic breathes poison onto the enemy in his grasp dealing magic damage per second. Deals 13/14/15/16/17 magic damage + 65% AP. (13-second cooldown) (80/85/90/95/100 mana) R (Squeeze!) Only works on hypnotised enemies. While hypnotising, Roxavic can squeeze his enemy to double all of the effects can take place while hypnotising. This includes the gold income. While squeezing Roxavic can re-activate the ability to let go of the patient dealing extra damage upon release. (300,400,450 damage + 75% AP) So here is the thing, I know this could be so overpowered or so underpowered depending on your view. His ability to lock down a single target and sustainably kill them while they can barely attack is quite powerful, however, if he has no target to choose from and tries to engage on a full enemy team he has no escape nor does he have any damage. He can be a powerful, situational assassin. Recommended itemization: I will recommend an AP tank build with extra mana. Starting off with a rod of ages and tear would help with survivability. From there go for tank items with speed. Perhaps a Randuins Omen or Steracks Gage combined with a Deadmans plate with boots of swiftness or boots of sorcery. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Thanks please leave feedback{{champion:43}}
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