Better info on abilities please

Hey any chance riot can add more info about abilities in the launcher? So i bring this up because there is a few times i've gone into aram and been given a champ i don't know well so i go look at the abilities to see what their scales are and stuff, then remember there is nothing more than "you shoot a thing in a line that deals damage" then i get annoyed and have to quickly launch google and find the champ so i can learn about their abilities then i get back in and have little time to make a mastery page which i like and adjust runes. basically what i'm asking for is a detailed version of the abilities in the game so i don't have to go and waste time in champ select to learn something as simple as scalings. like even if you made it like that to help new people see what their abilities do, you could add like a little advanced detailed tab for the players who do want to know more than what it looks like
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