Skins Story Slam 2018 - Vote Now!

Entries have closed for the Skins Story Slam and our crack team of ~~slash drabbles~~ fanfiction fans have been hard at work identifying their picks. As always, the Oceanic writing community has represented. From Project to Dragonslayer and everything in between, you've been exploring the worlds of your favourite skins and creating some very cool combinations of universes. We've loved reading your work and while the decision is never easy, we're pleased to share the finalists with everyone. Now that we're done with our rainy week of hot chocolate and fanfic - it's time for you, the community, to vote! Take a look at the top ten below, and make sure to vote for your favourite piece in the poll. Votes close at 11:59PM AEDT on 21st October, 2018. *** **FINALISTS** **[An Average Rift Quest Session](** by ANGRIER BEE **[A Devourer of Stars](** by aiisu **[Antithesis](** by AntiTurtle **[The one who gave everything; the one who takes everything](** by icanstillfly **[Calamity](** by Kid Gnaw **[Midsummer Festivities](** by starfrost77 **[The Burden of the Light](** by Epicurus **[The Fugitive and the Assassin](** by Averth **[this is a vow](** by Magery *** **HOW TO VOTE** 1. Read all the entries in the list above. 2. Decide which story you liked best. You only get one vote! 3. Vote for your favourite in the poll below. 4. Come back on Monday 22nd October to find out who won! ***
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