[Skin Concept] Cosmic Explorer Nunu

It's been a while since {{champion:20}} has been in action with a decent skin. Don't get me wrong I love the Zombie Nunu skin but his ult doesnt feel that powerful to me and lacks a bit of 'Omph'. So I thought what would be a good skin on Nunu that gets your blood pumping when you charge up your ult before the enemy knows you are in the nearby bush? Cosmic Explorer Nunu. His Q would look like trundle's bite and W would remain the same but the real changes would be in his E and Ult. He would throw out a slowing Comet with his E which would look like a star instead of a snowball and (this one is my favourite) His ult would look like a Blackhole which makes the yeti Implode as the singularity before exploding.
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