Star Guardian 2017 Fanwork Contest - Winners!

Hey Summoners! {{sticker:sg-lux}} You've blown us away with the breadth of your Star Guardian concepts and artistic skills! With over 200 entries, we've had a huge variety of submissions - cosplay, art, skin designs, fanfiction, knitting, a bullet hell game..and even a physics thesis. Between your creativity and the sheer variety of entries this has been super difficult to judge, and we had to pick more winners than the 5 we'd planned - we just couldn't help ourselves. We're excited to announce the following winners: Give The Lantern created [**an entire website**]( ) for their entry, including process videos and a set of design sketches and wallpapers! Chikorita Zookie Qoqi Six Sophiaa Xenna CrimsonSeal SPUD Inxanity LordDong [**Determination**]( fanfiction by VerumFortis [**Starlight**]( fanfiction by Luser We'd also like to make a special callout for our Honourable Mentions. [**Here is a full gallery**]( of the honourable mentions art, but a list below: >[**Star Guardian Urgot**]( art by Pokerface [**Fizz and Aurelion Sol**]( art by Zaxiadus [**Star Guardian Udyr**]( art by MasterJewdog [**Star Guardian Sona**]( art by Hyoton [**Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan**]( art by GlaciusFrost [**Star Guardian Ashe**]( art by Chrystalmeth [**Star Guardian Sona**]( art by konoumin [**Star Guardian Sivir**]( art by Nickz [**Star Guardian Xayah and Rakan**]( 3d sculpt by EyeoftheTaiga - and a [video of the model in action](;) [**Star Guardian Bard**]( art by Biglittleme [**Star Guardian Vi**]( animation by Splitt [**Star Guardian Orianna**]( art by eBEBY [**Caitlyn and Vi**]( art by CamiIle [**Star Guardian Katarina**]( art and [**The Last Star Guardian**]( by NomiNoo [**Star Guardian Olaf**]( art by paddy g seig [**Star Guardian Sona**]( knitted plush by Evangelene [**Star Guardian Annie**]( art by MLSFan26 [**Star Guardian Aurelion Sol**]( art by Xynn [**Star Guardian Annie**]( art by Tibberz [**Star Guardian Corki**]( art by Slowsnail [**Star Guardian Kayn**]( art by ASCubeY [**Star Guardian Zed**]( art by mondaywaffles [**Star Guardian Nami**]( art by slykyubi [**Star Guardian Bard**]( fanfiction by kujyouhikari [**Supernova**]( fanfiction by AriaOwl [**Star Guardian Zyra**]( fanfiction by SoleSurvivor [**Starlight Tides**]( fanfiction by Luscious Lilim [**Star’s Quest**]( bullet hell game by Bamfudge - he made a GAME FOR THIS CONTEST WHAT CRAZINESS Winners can expect to see their prizes on their account within a couple of days! Finally a huge thank you to everyone who submitted an entry! You can find a full gallery of all the visual entries [**here**]( - and fanfiction entries can be found on our [**Fanfiction Board**]( or in a shortlist below! > [**Physical Modelling of the Impacts of an Astronomical Familiar on Adolescent Subject 20**]]( thesis by Little Witch Eve [**Star Guardian Taliyah**]( by Sunbean {{sticker:sg-syndra}} We also wanted to call out that each time we run a contest, we find entries that are plagiarised content - you know who you are. While we appreciate that you’re excited by the chance to win a prize, these contests are our way to give back to the incredibly talented creative community. Stealing isn’t cool - and if we catch you, you will be blacklisted from winning prizes in any of our future contests. Don’t do it!
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