Oceanic Artathon Round One - Results!

Voting has closed and we're excited to share the results of Round One of the Oceanic Artathon! If you need more gorgeous Ionian art in your life - here's a good way to get started.

The results from this contest will contribute to the final grand prize of the Artathon. Want to know more about the Oceanic Artathon? Check out all the details here.

And finally, you can check out all the entries at this page.


These are our top ten entries, in alphabetical order - but I think we can agree that they're all amazing! Top ten entries will each receive 2000 RP for this round of the contest.

Pro tip: click on these for a better look and in some cases to get a wallpaper-ready high-res version!

Ahh McKayn











All entrants to the first round of the Oceanic Artathon have received points towards the final grand prize. Here we're sharing the summoner names of our top 50 artists, in alphabetical order, so that entrants can get an idea of where they stack up.

  • fainaru
  • Stylus
  • Neurolysis
  • Arlequinne
  • Aquallix
  • Shiafira
  • Wacalac
  • Ahh McKayn
  • Chikorita
  • Pokerface
  • Ezreai
  • zookie
  • Trackudown
  • CrimsonSeal
  • Beanuts
  • Little Fishstix
  • Ehyris
  • FallenEraZ
  • Catriona
  • NomiNoo
  • essen27
  • Hot Potato
  • Tibbers
  • Nyandos
  • K Q
  • konoumin
  • Secretness
  • JackTea
  • Bananso
  • Lunafall
  • meroobear
  • Propansteve
  • iownfish
  • Cascade123
  • Asano
  • Fae
  • nob0dies
  • Moltenfuri
  • Matcha Milk Tea
  • Lutetium Bunny
  • blums99
  • Katxx
  • Hide
  • Aekaas
  • Xynn
  • ChickenHatWeasel
  • 111111
  • Nocturnal
  • ExterminatorFuzi
  • GoGuMa

Thanks again to all our entrants - see you next round!


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