Yuan Su, The Elemental mage

Yuan Su is a mage who combines her abilities to make new affects. She uses mana and is a melee champion. Yuan Su can be a mid laner, top laner, or a jungler. Her abilities scale mainly with ap and a little bit of ad (similar to katarina). Yuan Su: The Elementalist Passive: Yuan Su’s next auto attack does x extra damage. If it is cast in a pool of water the damage will be done to all enemy units in the water and any pool connecting to it. Q: Yuan Su pushes a gust of wind in the target direction, dealing damage and pushing any enemies back. It can also be used with other abilities to create different effects. W: Yuan Su throws a ball of fire at the target location, dealing damage and leaving behind flames. The flames deal damage to enemy units who stand in the flames. If air is pushed through the flames it will instead shoot a fire ball that will deal additional damage. E: Yuan Su summons a pool of water at the target location. The pool of water will slow enemies who walk through it and speed up allies who walk through it, as well as healing them. If air is pushed through the water it will slow the enemy as well as pushing them back. If Water is cast on flames it will create a mist which will lower the vision of enemies who walk through it. R: Yuan Su pulls an impassable rock from the ground dealing damage to enemies hit. Pushing air will move the rock to a new location. Throwing a ball of fire on to a rock will turn it into lave, dealing % health true damage to those who stand in it. Casting a rock in a pool of water will splash the water, creating a circle of water around the rock. Yuan Su holds rocks in charges and can hold 3 at one time, only 3 may be placed at any time as well. She may also get her R at level 1 and max it like a basic ability I thought of the idea for this champion roughly an hour before I posted it. I'm not to good with stats, cooldowns, scaling etc, so I decided not to put any in. Please leave any feedback, and any ideas for more ways the abilities can interact with each other.
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