Cool Ideas for Irelia Rework. Please feedback.

Hey guys just thought of some cool ideas when watching an Irelia gameplay. So as you all know her update is coming up in 2017 and it will be big. A whole new VU and gameplay mechanics. I want you guys to see my ideas and try to get them out there. :D please feedback. So I wanted her whole kit to be based around her Q. Her Q is called blade surge for those who don't know, and it is a dash that can hop to enemy minions/monsters and Champions. If it kills a minion then it resets the cooldown and refunds half the mana cost. Passive: Irelia's blade is a powerful weapon and Irelia can use it very aggressively. Every 10 seconds half of Irelia's blade whirls around her dealing damage to all nearby enemies. This effect stacks with her maximum health dealing 30/40/50+ 8% of Irelia's current health upgrading at level 6 and 11. If this hits an enemy champion Irelia's Q gains an extra stack if it is off cooldown or resets 3/4 of the cooldown. Q: Same as always but the damage is down. (you will see why) W: Irelia sends half her blade out in one straight line. After a delay it splits again and curves in an oval around the original line. If someone is hit on the way back Irelia can blade surge to them with no mana and 3/4s of the cooldown is reduced. If Irelia can blade surge to a target using this ability then she can cast this ability again. This can only happen three times. E: Her E is basically her old ult but with way lower damages and lower cooldowns. Instead of three shots you can only fire two. If both of these hit an enemy Irelia can jump to the target without mana cost or cooldowns. R: Irelia unleashes her blades on the enemy getting drastically reduced movement speed and hits people with her blades in a Reaperish (overwatch) kinda way but you can dodge the blades cause they have a .5 second animation before the blade goes out. Kinda like kat moving ulty that you can predict. :D So guys I dont have her damages and cooldowns in yet because they will be very complicated to balance but I imagine they will be very low with high ad ratios. Thanks, please leave feedback
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