New Champion ideas- Yikiri and Lycero the Yordle Twins

A while ago I posted something about these two ideas. After some feed back I decided to re-do them and make them better. The idea behind Yikiri and Lycero is that they are an adc and support who synergize very well together. Although they don't need to be played together, they synergize very well with each other. Of course they can have synergy with many other champs and be played in different ways than intended. Yikiri is an adc who uses his trusty slingshot. He is cheeky and likes to play tricks on people. His kit is quite unique and features a few abilities that haven't been seen before. Lycero is a support, who relies on her alchemy skills and uses interesting items, charms and reagents to help her allies and defeat her enemies. Both are Yordles who grew up together. One focusing on becoming the best Yordle alchemist ever, the other playing tricks and hunting. Both lived together throughout their lives and joined the League when they found that they could combine their skills to muster great strength. Read through their abilities and leave a comment if you like it, or feel they are unbalanced/under balanced Yikiri: The Mischievous twin | Role: Marksman Passive- Sinister plot: moving and attacking gives Yikiri stacks of Mischief. When he has full stacks Yikiri’s next basic attack will deal x extra damage and slow the enemy by x% (scaling with level) Q Ability- Cheap shot: Yikiri fires a skill shot in a line, passing through minions, and dealing x damage to the first enemy champion hit. The enemy is slowed by 25/30/35/40/45% for 2 seconds. If the enemy is already impaired by crowd control this ability will do 20% more damage. W Ability- Tag in: Yikiri places the pouch of his Sling shot on the ground at a target location. When clicked by an ally, they will become ‘tagged’. While Yikiri has a tagged ally Yikiri is slowed and the ally will be unable to control their movement, moving with Yikiri. Yikiri can re activate this ability within 3 Seconds to shoot the ally to a new location, giving them bonus armor and magic resist. E Ability- Bouncing Barrel: Yikiri rolls a bouncing barrel in a straight line. The bouncing barrel gains speed the further it goes without touching an enemy. All enemies hit by the bouncing barrel are knocked up. The barrel rolls for 6/6/7/7/8 seconds and will rebound off walls (will show the angle of the first bounce when aimed at a wall). R Ability/ Ultimate- Ballistic Blow: Yikiri lines up the perfect shot for 2 seconds. Any knocked up enemy within the shot will be suspended for 2 seconds with Yikiri then shot with a powerful bolt. (Note: This ability is not a targeted ability, and must be aimed. It can only be shit when a nearby enemy is knocked up, and will only hit knocked up enemy champions. Lycero: The Benign twin | Role: Support Passive- Saving plan: When close to an ally Lycero and the ally will gain x movement speed (increased per level) If several allies are around, Saving plan will only affect the closest ally. Q Ability- Snare Sand: Lycero throws a bottle of snare sand at a location; all enemies hit take damage and are rooted for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 seconds. W Ability- Tag Out: Lycero throws her sash in a straight line. If an ally is hit, they may click on an indicator to become ‘tagged’ upon Lycero re activating her w the ‘tagged ally’ will be pulled to her and have their movement speed increased by 30/35/40/45/50%. E Ability- Totem of Peace: Lycero summons a totem, healing allies within the range are healed x health per second while in the range of the totem, increased by a % of their missing health. Enemies within the totems have their movement speed lowered by 30/32/34/36/38/40% and their attack speed lowered by 15/17/19/21/23%. R Ability/Ultimate- Free spirit: Lycero channels for 2 seconds, drinking a potion then leaping to a target location, knocking up nearby enemies and dealing x damage. Lycero gains bonus armor and magic resist until the potions effects wear off. Enemies take more damage the more % health they have when hit.
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