Storm Tempest Anivia - Void Anivia

Just a few skin ideas I was thinking about with a group of friends. **Storm / Tempest Anivia** Similar to Altaria (pokemon), but grey clouds instead of her pure, white clouds. Her wings are made of grey clouds that sometimes have flashes of lightning, and can change into a rain cloud or a hail. Anivia's Flash Frost, can be a storm with a grey cloud in a shape of a ball, with lightning bolts around it or you can see the flashes of lightning inside it. When it detonates it creates a flash of light like a thunderbolt and maybe little bolts of thunder stretching out. Anivia's Crystallize, can be one of the few things. A wall of rain, a wall of rain and lightning or a storm wall, with grey clouds, I'm not 100% sure with what this ability would be and I think keeping it icy would be the best. Something visible so people don't think it's passable. Anivia's Frostbite is interesting. It could be a typical lightning bolt with a small flash of lightning if small, but a big one like her Flash Frost detonating they are icy. Anivia's Glacial Storm. Can be a multitude of things, it can be lightning bolts with small flashes of lightning for anyone damaged, it can also be raining down and pouring with hail. It all depends. This is all the idea I have at the moment. **Void Anivia** Anivia takes form of a flying void beast. Because she's a void beast, it can be very unique on how it works. Anivia's Flash Frost, is a ( can be spikey ) void ball, the detonation effects can be as unique as you want it, a void beast coming out to stun, a portal, looks a bit deflated. Anything. Anivia's Crystallize, is a large void wall... simple... Anivia's Frostbite, what actually helped me come up with this idea. It's a large void tooth like from Fizz' Void Shark, and if it hits an icy target, it can envelop the target in a void armor before disappearing. Anivia's Glacial Storm, is a bunch of small purple void spikes shooting down.

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