Artist spotlight: Cheesewoo

Hi Summoners! Today we have a spotlight on one of the winners of the Versus art contest. Make sure to check out his entry (above) and also his other artworks linked below.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m currently in my fourth year of studying architecture at the University of Auckland. So in terms of what I do, when I’m not drawing buildings then I’m drawing anime girls. I've been playing LoL since the end of 2013, I remember Haunted Zyra was just released and was the login screen when I started. I main ADC, its the only role I don't find boring to play for some reason. That being said, Lux will always be my favourite champion forever. Except when I get a Lux Support.

I've been drawing from Year 10 since I was told I should do art as a subject if I wanted to study architecture haha.

Why did you pick this specific match up in your submission?

To be honest I picked it solely because I think Syndra’s recall pose looks so sick and I was just looking for any excuse to draw it. I don’t even care that it would’ve made more sense for Syndra to be flying and Irelia on the ground. I would’ve made it versus Zed, but I can’t see them fighting after reading the comics by 짤방장이테루 (

What would be your dream art project to work on?

Collab with Riot. Not to work on it even I just want to learn how their team works together to make their splashes so good… Otherwise I’d like to draw with Yusuke Murata. The man knows how to draw a good Fubuki.

How can we keep up with your work?
And if you’re in Auckland on the 30th of September I’ll be at OVERLOAD convention for the first time, table E10! Come say hi :)

Anything else you'd like to say to anyone reading?

Shoutout to the Brolosophy boys, not Tommy though because you picked tf and urgot support the other day.

What did you think of this spotlight? is there anything else you would like to know?

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