Hide and Seek

Hey there, I remember taking a hiatus from this game in season 3, then i came back around the end of season 4. When i came back I was browsing the custom games to see what was happening and i came across some guys hosting a hide and seek game. I was curious so I went in to see what the game mode was and I fell in love with it. It was a custom game with custom rules that the players just followed. 5 hiders had to hide from 2 seekers. They could not kill the seekers, only use CC. each hider had 5 lives and the seekers had 30 minutes to kill the hiders or they lost. It was an insanely fun fan custom game mode and i have made many friends from it. However, with the removal of dominion from the game, we can no longer have this fun. It was an amazing community run event that added a different level to the game. I was just wondering if it was possible to even bring the discussion to riot games about the possibility of bringing the dominion map back to custom games. I would happily take it upon myself to start a forum on the OCE League of Legends website to revive hide and seek and I could even make a discord and organise a group of people to arrange some hide and seek games. Just a thought from an old player. Bring back dominion to custom games. Also ascension is super fun please bring it back more often and for longer lengths of time.
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