PAX Australia 2017 Cosplay Contest - Results Announcement!

Once again the Oceanic cosplay community has shown up in force, sharing their incredible costumes for 2017. You can check out all of the entries in [**this gallery**]( - but we're excited to announce the winners! All winning cosplayers will receive accommodation and flights to Melbourne, as well as tickets to PAX Australia on the 27th-29th October. The panel selected the winning entries based on three criteria: accuracy and attention to detail, craftsmanship and the quality of construction, and ability to embody the champion's personality and mannerisms. If you're attending PAX Australia, you'll be able to see the winning cosplayers throughout the weekend. There will be a photo meetup at 1PM each day where you can meet these cosplayers (other League cosplayers are totally welcome!) and grab photos, so come check it out - more details to come! Without further ado, here are our winners! Rock Lobstar Skyhuntress Nguran Cosplay Jajutsu Elyxir Phunkee Bones Buttchampion Pikapi Cass Floksylocksy Choccy Pythoness Mercat Alishiera CatRoulette Tokidoki Blokey MaryBear Ashleigh Priest Zaphy lBetal We'd also like to give a shoutout to the following honourable mentions - cosplayers who we want to recognise for their creativity and commitment to levelling up their craft. These players will receive an RP prize. Meroobear Atticus Minxy Jinxy Undead17 Comickers Blondiee Jasmin Nora Cosplay Pandemodia
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