Rishi, The Enlightened

Rishi, The Enlightened Passive: Incarnation- When rishi is killed his re-spawn time will be cut in half(quarter?). q: Silent enemy- Rishi will attack an enemy's head dealing x damage and silencing them for a short time. Mind Search (enlightened active)- Rishi reaches into the mind of the closest enemy champ to him(dealing x damage) and stunning them for a short time. w: (Does cost mana I just don't know how much, if you want you can leave a comment)Phase out(toggle) - Rishi's body phases out of the physical world, and as such, he can move through obstacles such as walls. He also gains a small speed bonus. Untethered (Enlightened passive)- Rishi does not move like other champs, instead he charges up whenever he is not moving and can teleport the distance he would of gone. e: Rishi will hit critical points of the opponent dealing x amount of true damage. Ringing Power (Enlightened Active)- Rishi releases a ring of energy around him dealing x damage. r: Enlightenment- Rishi gains energy whenever he is not moving or in combat. Once the bar is full and the ability is activated he becomes enlightened, increasing his sight, allowing invisible players(including those in the bush) to be seen, and increase his health, magic resist and armour. Story: As a young boy Rishi and his village was attacked by an unknown monster with a living sword. His mother told him to run knowing that the harsh winter storms of the Frejlord would be kinder than this being slaughtering the village. Rishi had no clue where to go but to run from this beast, as such he headed to the mountains. He climbed as far as his child body would let him but the wind and cold were too great to bare. At the brink of death he saw figures quickly lift his small fragile body. After some time he woke to find that he was inside some sort of spiritual monastery deep in the mountainside. There the monks taught him how to let go of his rage and become untethered from this earth. He quickly grew in spiritual and physical power becoming ready to take on any evil that haunts this realm. Not too long after he left, he discovered the league of legends and decided to help them. I don't mind about his stats, but by all means if it annoys you or if you want to take the time to fill it in ill update it for you.
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