Leylen, The Archetype of war

"The doom is upon us", muttered the scouts sitting around the campfire, Finnick looked at the map again "the whole regiment, gone mad or something?" "Or something's more like it" replied Sven, sharpening his dagger "They were tearing each other up, sleeping men set ablaze and butchered in their tents." Orell just looked at the skyline, he had said nothing since their mad four day dash from the ruins of their vanguard and was likely to say nothing for a while by the look of him... Finnick sighed, "well if I'm reading this map right we should be 100 kilometres south of the butchery" "Meaning?" asked Sven pointedly, Finnick scowled but he let it go as after what they had seen he was right to be a little on edge "It means to get back to Demacia we are going to have to pass the Shurima desert, on foot if our supply horse dies." Sven looked down at his dagger again for a long time before speaking "We will never make it", "We don't have the supplies, or the energy" Finnick glowered "That may be- "We don't turn tail." A voice boomed over him, it took Finnick a second before he realized it was Orrel's voice, but deeper and crackling, like a deathly gasp. He whirled to face him, Orell was holding his greatsword in both hands in ready stance except it was barely recognisable as him, runes covered his features like etchings on the skin. "Orell?" Finnicks voice was barely a whisper, Sven lost all capabilities of speech "Orell is dead, I am Leylen and you will know war". Finnick was suddenly and viciously stabbed in the back and throat by an enraged Sven who was quickly cleaved in half by Leylen, attempting to speak left blood dripping on the hot dry packed earth and Leylen simply nodded as Finnick tried to reach his short sword. Then as the blade rose high like the rising dawn, the world went dark. Really this took me 20 minutes to make and needs tons of work but there is the gist of it. Abilities Treasonous impact: Leylen's presence inspires un-willing anger in the enemy causing them to be taunted by you for 1.25 seconds after an allied 5th spell cast in their vicinity (you also have to be within certain range and within vision of the enemy for this to work) (this is donated by a wheel of flame divided into 5 segments above the heads of your enemies) Taunted enemies lose 25% movement and attack speed and lose 15% armour and magic resist for the duration. Q: Impulse: Leylen's next attack silences and roots his enemy (0.75 secs +stored damage occurs), causing them to burn every time they attack an ally for the next 3 seconds (4/6/8/10/12% max hp). CD 7/6.25/5.5/5/4.5 W: Weight of war: (passive) Leylen stores 3% of all damage he deals that can be used to empower his other abilities (this consumes the damage he stores). (active) Leylen slams the ground sending a mighty shockwave and stunning enemies for 1 second that are close to him anyone else is knocked back 50 units, this deals 50/80/110/140/180 +(45% bonus AD+ stored damage). CD 14/11/9/7/6 E: Burn cowardice: All allies deal 6% true damage for the next 7 seconds, the buff is suspended for any single ally (including you) for 0.75 seconds whenever they take non DOT champion damage (melee attackers can get hit twice when not Dot) CD 25 seconds R: Artistry of War: Leylen roots himself to create a battlefield of fire around him (surrounded by fire) that causes enemies heavy damage to leave (200/300/400 + 80% ad + stored damage) and burns them every second for being inside (40/60/80 per second, no scaling). Every enemy inside the battleground loses 20 Mr and armour with every other enemy champion inside (plus 20 mr and armour off themselves) and every allied champion gains that amount (scales on how many enemies are trapped inside). This lasts 4 seconds What do you guys think?
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