Oceanic Artathon Round Two - Sponsored by Wacom and SMASH!

The Oceanic Artathon continues! In the first round of this three-stage marathon, the Oceanic community came out in force to share their Ionian creations.

Now it's time for round two! Enter all three for a chance to win big – the winner will take home a Wacom Cintiq as well as tickets or an Artists Alley booth at the SMASH!2018 pop culture convention, which takes place on July 14th and 15th in Sydney.

For more information on the whole contest, check out the initial announcement here.


This year we've explored the natural majesty of Ionia, the magical celebrations of Lunar New Year, and the joys of summer. Now it's time to go somewhere a little...zanier.

For the second stage of the Artathon, we're asking you to get small and fuzzy. Your art should feature Yordles as the focal point. Any multiverse or faction is fine (think Star Guardian Lulu, or Heimerdinger hanging out in Piltover) but ultimately this contest is about our smallest and fiestiest champions.


Create your work and submit it using the submission form linked below!

Submit Your Entry Here


Entries open today and close at 11:59PM AEST 27th May 2018.
Voting will run from 28th May through until 11:59PM AEST 3rd June 2018.
Top 50 announcement and prizing will occur on 4th June 2018.


The top 10 entries for this stage of the gauntlet will receive 2000 Riot Points.

At the conclusion of the entire gauntlet, however, the winners will receive:


Once entries close for each of the three rounds, we’ll open the contest up for player voting for one week.

Once all voting is complete, we will use the rankings for all three stages to collate a Top 10 shortlist. An internal panel of Rioters – including Riot Earp from our Champion Art Team – will identify the final winners from these top 10.

Entries will be judged based on the quality of the submissions, creativity, and how well entries meet the requirements of the three themes. Of course, all entries must abide by the contest rules.


All contest entries must comply with the master rules but must also be in line with the following:

  • You may only enter each stage of the gauntlet once – so put your best artwork forward.
  • You must: depict at least one League of Legends champion in a way that fits each theme.
  • Your entry must be appropriate for players of all ages: League's rated M, so nothing too risque or of a violent nature.
  • Your entry can't include any logos, advertisements, product names or product placements: we don't want Gragas, Esq. writing us any cease and desist letters!
  • Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made specifically for this contest: this is about YOU showcasing YOUR artistic talents specifically for this contest.
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