Skins Story Slam 2018 - Enter Now!

It's that time of year again - get your typewriters ready (or consider upgrading to something a little more modern, but hey - no judgement) for the Skins Story Slam!

The challenge: write an original piece of fanfiction that explores one of the alternate universes of League of Legends skins. You could explore the demonic Wild West of High Noon, the far reaches of the Cosmic universe, or the corruption of the Mafia syndicates. As long as your entry features one or more League of Legends characters and is recognisably set in one of the alternate worlds of our skins, you're right to write.


The winners will receive:

  • 1st place: 8000 RP + one epic (ie. 1350 RP) level skin of your choice (that you can buy in the store).
  • 2nd place: 6000 RP
  • 3rd place: 4000 RP


Create your work, post it on the Fanfiction Board, and submit it using the submission form linked below!

Submit Your Entry Here


Entries open today and close at 11:59PM AEST 7th October 2018.
Voting will open on 15th October 2018 through until 11:59PM AEST 21st October 2018.
The final results announcement and prizing will occur on 22nd October 2018.


We’ll create a shortlist of entries based on the quality of the submission, creativity of the piece and how well it meets the requirements of the contest theme.

Once the shortlist is determined, we’ll open up player voting and you, the community, will decide who wins!

Of course all entries must abide by the contest rules.


All contest entries must comply with the master rules but must also be in line with the following:

  • You may only enter this contest once!
  • You must: depict at least one League of Legends character and feature one of our skin lines in some way.
  • Your submission must be no longer than 1500 words. There is no minimum requirement on word count.
  • Your entry must be in English.
  • Your entry must be appropriate for players of all ages: League's rated M, so nothing too risque or of a violent nature.
  • Your entry can't include any logos, advertisements, product names or product placements, or any musical accompaniment you do not have the right to use: we don't want Gragas, Esq. writing us any cease and desist letters!
  • Your entry must be made by you, submitted by you, and made specifically for this contest: this is about YOU showcasing YOUR artistic talents specifically for this contest.
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