Silverian, The Elementalist Champion concept

SO with the release of elementalist Lux I have had massive inspiration to create this really unique and very cool champion concept. His whole kit revolves around him being this elementalist that control the elements with his runes. Passive - Runes pouch: Silverian has a rune pouch that has 5 slots inside it, he can earn runes by killing minions and gets random runes from minions. Cosmic and Cold- water Mythic and death- fire Ancient and chaos- earth Cosmic and mythic- air Mythic, ancient, death, cold and cosmic- ultimate By earning multiple of these runes you can charge one type of rune to be able to hold at most 20 rune charges. (Starts with 5 of each rune) Each rune is rare uncommon or common: Mythic- Common Cosmic- Uncommon Ancient- Rare Cold- Uncommon Chaos- Uncommon Death- Rare Passive- Water: Whenever Sivlerian steps into the river if low on health he uses one cosmic and one cold rune to slowly recharge his HP. 1.5/2/3/4/5 + 2% of missing health per second 2 Cosmic and 1 Cold rune Q- Air: Silverian uses a cosmic and mythic rune and shoots out a blast of air knocking enemies back in a single line. 15/20/40/100/120 + 60% of AP 6/5/4/4/3 second cooldown 1 Cosmic and 3 Mythic runes W- Earth: Silverian creates a wall behind an enemy that pulls them toward him. 50/100/120/200/230 + 60% of AP 12/11/10/9/8 second cooldown 1 Ancient and 2 Chaos E- Fire: Silverian creates a massive fire ball that he places on the ground like a trap. If an enemy champion steps on it, it will explode, dealing damage to them and enemies around the champion. If not stepped on, after it has charged for 5 seconds Silverian can push the blast it creates in any direction dealing damage to any enemy champions hit. 100/110/120/150/200 if stepped on, 60/100/140/170/240 damage + 55% of AP 15/13/12/11/9 second cooldown 4 Mythic and 1 Death rune R- Ultimate Transedance- (Earns at level one) Silverian lifts off the ground and each all abilities become more powerful in dealing 20/40/60/80) extra true damage and extra effects. Inside this 10 second period none of his abilities use any runes. Passive- Doubles all healing affects and spreads it to nearby allies Q- Pushes enemies further and in a slight cone W- The wall becomes larger pulling more enemies toward him and when finished traps them inside a breakable wall E- The fireball becomes much larger and has wider AOE 80/70/50/40 second cooldown All runes except Chaos So there it is, please leave feedback and anything you wish to say will be appreciated, THANKS{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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