Whisper : The Spirit of Zorogis

Whisper is and spirit, the spirit of an ancient god that once roamed the World. Zorogis, the god of the wind. She is a deep look into the rich history of the league of legends world. Deep beneath Ionia's soil is an ancient cavern. In this cavern is an ancient power. Far more powerful than the darkness Varus guarded. Whisper was an artefact, released by a mortal, who had climbed deep into the trenches of Ionia. This man, very young, was at the peek of his time. This was not long before he found his great weapon. He found these caverns on a trip with some of the native Ionians. When they started to climb down they realised they did not bring the right ropes. But they realised this too late. As they climbed, one by one they started to fall into the caverns below. But the archaeologist was lucky, his ropes did not snap. As he descended into the caverns he started to see a light literally at the end of the tunnel. He walked into the room that held Whisper's casing. The tomb of an ancient being, who's soul was lost in an eternal darkness. Whisper awoke. DAMAGES HAVE NOT BEEN ADDED YET PLEASE HELP ME BALANCE THEM OUT Passive: Clicking on an allied champion causes you to bind to them. Once attached, clicking off of the allies will detach you from them. The attached and detached version of Whisper have different abilities. Once attached to an ally, Whisper is dealt half the damage that the ally takes. Once the ally falls below half health whisper takes the same damage as them. Whilst attached to the ally, the ally gets extra armour and magic resist based on the level of the champion. WHILST ATTACHED TO ALLY: Q: Whilst attached to ally: Fires a bolt of light that spirals around the ally once. If cast again within 0.3 seconds another bolt of light is fired in the other direction dealing triple damage but costing triple the mana. The first bolt reduces magic resist for 2 seconds. If the second bolt hits, it marks the enemy with the mark of Zorogis. W: Whilst attached to ally: Whisper's body explodes into a mass of wind. If an enemy is within the range of this attack they get marked, every 0.4 seconds the enemy is inside the area they get marked again, at 3 marks the mark of Zorogis is applied. Every time the mark is applied it deals damage to the enemy. E: Whilst attached to ally: If an enemy is marked with the mark of Zorogis, Whisper dashes to them dealing damage to them. If multiple enemies have the mark on them, without a cooldown, Whisper can dash to them as well. If multiple enemies are affected, then Whisper will dash to the nearest. If no enemies are left with the mark, Whisper dashes back to her ally she was previously attached to. R: In a series of five pulses spanning over 5 seconds, Whisper sends out waves that, if hitting an enemy, will cause them to have a mark of Zorogis placed upon them, it also deals damage to them. After the effects stop, Whisper becomes impervious to damage for 2 seconds, however, cannot use any ability except W. WHILST UNATTACHED TO ALLY: Whilst not attached to an ally, whisper has but 50 base health, and additional health boosts (items) only affect her 10% of what they normally would. Q: Whisper encases herself in light, granting her a 300% armour and magic resist boost. This lasts 3 seconds. W: Whisper can walk through walls in this state. (on summoners rift) E: Whisper can attach herself to a position where a plant may be on the field of Justice, granting any ally who would normally want to use that plant the same use that it would. Once destroyed by an ally, Whisper detaches herself from that spot and can't use that ability for another 40 seconds. (on other maps) E: Whisper attaches herself to were a healing or speed up boos and grants 30% bonuses to the effects. Once destroyed or used by an ally, Whisper detaches herself from that spot and can't use that ability for another 40 seconds. R: Whisper can leap across half of the map to an ally, attaching herself to them. SOOO there you have it, write your thoughts on this (its gotta sound cool right) and feedback in the comments, i would really appreciate it.
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