Kirean, a new fighter (technology based champ)

Kirean would be fighter, with good damage and some tank stats. He is melee yet does have certain tools to get him into a fight, and get his damage off. He is meant to look muscular, yet somewhat small. He will have bits of armor, and a larger sword, which will pulse with lasers. He will however look a bit scrappy, and his armour will look somewhat old. For a skin idea (improved Kirean) he can look like he was upgraded by Viktor (pretty sure project isn't meant to be made by Viktor, if they are then scrap this idea) Passive: when attacked by champions Kirean stores damage. When he gets 4 charges he will discharge the stored damage on his next auto attack, dealing extra damage and slowing the target. Q: Kirean switches between high gravity and low gravity. Low gravity will give Kirean a small move speed buff and an attack speed buff, it will also interact with his w and ult. High gravity will give kirean more armor and magic resist, as well as a bit more damage. W: (low gravity) Kirean jumps a long distance with his boosters (can go over terrain). If during his jump Kirean changes to high gravity he will slam down immediately, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies. (high gravity) Kirean charges forward knocking aside enemies hit and dealing damage. If kirean changes ti low gravity mid dash he will shoot up and can re cast his w to dash a short distance. E: Kirean activates his bubble shield, gaining a shield and spell shield. if the shield is depleted he will lose the spell shield. If the spell shield blocks a spell, Kirean's next auto attack will become ranged. the ranged auto has onhit affects, so it can proc his passive R: Kirean throws down a gravitation mine. The gravitation mine will push enemies away then pull them in, dealing damage when they are pulled in. In low gravity Kirean is also pushed and pulled, but does not take damage. Kirean's passive is helpful as when he takes damage he can return it and make it an advantage. His q should be fun, as you have to manage your gravity, and choose how it will affect your abilities, as well as your stats in a fight. His e allows him to deny harass and then potentially return it. Kirean's ult has good cc as well as a bit of damage, and when used correctly can get you out of a bad situation, or get an enemy into a place where you can finish them.
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