FanFiction FanArt Contest Salutations! Last month Riot OCE hosted a **[FanFiction contest](** – and much to our surprise and enjoyment – the contest was flooded with hundreds of quality stories. Somehow, with the community’s assistance, we were able to award five authors for their incredible work. And now we want to do the same with our talented FanArtists. But with a twist. **** **The Prompt:** Using one of the **[five winners of the FanFiction Contest](**, create a piece of art inspired from that story. Be sure to indicate in your **[WooBox forum](** which story you used for inspiration! **** **Contest Rules** -**Your submission must be made by you, submitted by you, and made for this contest:** *this is about YOU showing YOUR artistic talents specifically for this contest.* -**Submissions must be submitted using the WooBox forum located here:** *be sure to indicate all the correct information in the boxes to help us better celebrate your awesome work*. -**Your entry must be submitted in the correct format and size:** *submissions must be formatted in .jpg or .png; the maximum file size is 5mb and suggested minimum dimensions are 2339x1654 and 200 dpi resolution.* -**You must have read and agree to the official contest rules:** *or your entry may be viewed as invalid. The master rules can be found [here.](* **** **Grading Rubric** We’ll select the winners based on quality of the submissions, relevance to the specified prompt, originality of the piece, and whether the entry follows the contest rules. **Submission Method** **[Woobox](** *Be sure to indicate your email address, Summoner name, and which story you used as inspiration for your artwork!* **Dates** Entry submissions are open from **September 9th** to **September 25th** at 12:30PM AEST. The Winners will be announced **September 30th**! **** **Prizes** The Top 5 Winners will receive Riot Points: *1st: 10,000 2nd: 7,000 3rd: 4,000 4th: 2,500 5th: 1,500*
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