Champion Concept: Tsuki and Taiyo, The sun and The moon

Name- Tsuki and Taiyo. The sun and the moon. Visuals- Eastern Dragons,one that has a golden frill and shorter body and one that has a crown of moonlight with a slightly elongated body. Death- If one dies the other will die aswell. This means you must consistently be protecting them both. Passive- Tsuki does not steal XP from other players so can roam and heal for allies in different lanes. If one of the gods takes damage the other one takes 5% of the damage and they have shared mana. Q- Gives you control of Tsuki so your basic attacks and movement is his. When the ability is triggered Tsuki heals the closest ally for a portion of their maximum health (3% 4% 5% 6% 7%+ 50% of AP). Cooldown- 0.5 seconds but can only heal on every 5th spell cast. Mana-20 at all levels. W- Gives you control of Taiyo so your basic attacks and movement is his. When the ability is triggered deals damage to closest enemy dependant on their current health.(3% 4% 5% 6% 7% +30% of AD). Cooldown- 0.5 seconds but can only deal damage on every 3rd spell cast. Mana- 20 at all levels. E- If controlling Tsuki: Tsuki places a healing pad which lasts for 5 seconds. If an ally steps on it they are healed for the duration. It is a small heal and is based on AP so if you are going ad it does not effect to much.(10, 20, 30, 40, 45+ 20% of AP) Per second. If controlling Taiyo: Taiyo places a death pad which he lays on the ground in a target area. If an enemy steps on it or is on it to start with and it deals(10, 20, 30, 40, 45+ 20% of AD) Per second. mana- 60, 70, 80, 90, 100. Cooldown- 10,9,8,7 and 6 seconds. R- Tsuki and Taiyo combine into one god, giving health, attack damage and ability power to all nearby allied champions and self. Q and W are the same but with out the controlling parts. Lasts for 20 seconds. E becomes a root that captures an enemy for (0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 seconds) Based on levels. E is an aoe effect but only captures champs in the middle of the area and others are slowed for 20% decaying over 2 seconds. mana-100, 110, 120. Cooldown- 10 seconds after the 20 seconds is up. He becomes a larger dragon and has a dark orange colour. Gameplay- Tsuki Is perfect to put in other lanes while Taiyo farms. Taiyo can deal damage to the enemy in bot lane while Tsuki goes off to another lane and heals the mid or top laner. This can be extremely useful especially if versing some one with great burst dmg or poke. eg nidalee, leblanc etc Tsuki and Taiyo are great for flanks how ever Tsuki only has 40% of the Maximum AD of Taiyo so you must be careful who you choose to flank with or they could be caught out and die easily. A kogmaw type build would suit Tsuki and Taiyo with a few tweeks. I like the idea and might be a little OP however extremely hard to play. Tsuki and Taiyo are mana thirsty so adding a tear in the build would help. I think it would add a lot to competitive play and make for many good moments. In team fights R is perfect to combine the two so one does not get forgotten. It is also on a short cooldown so one does not get lost in repetitive team fights. Adding a protective item into the build would work well for example a banshees to stop poke from hitting one while you are controlling the other. Recommended ADC build: Guinsoos Rage blade- Gives attack speed aswell as both AD and AP so that Tsuki has better healing. Muramana- Good attack damage increase and mana increase. Berserkers Greeves- Alacricity for extra speed. Banshees veil- Protection while the other is in battle and unseen threats are coming your way. Blood Thirster- Gives life steal so that they don't die to easily in team fights. Trinity Force- The on hit effect will go nicely with q and w aswell as the built in tankyness and speed. Recommended Tank/Top build: Spirit visage- increases self healing and gives HP and MR. Youmuus- Gives him speed and an engage that he i lacking. Dead Mans Plate- gives armour and Hp aswell as speed. Frozen Heart- great armour gives better dueling potential and mana. ZZrot portal- Lane pushing armour and HP. Guardian angel- Great armour and MR and passive helps with anyone bursting.(Note; when one has used guardian angel it goes on cooldown for both of them, this goes for activatable items and all other items with a passive such as this one eg Deadmans, Steracks and randuins.) Hope you like the general idea. Please leave a comment. :D GLHF
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