Adding spice to league of legends.

Soo I'm gonna go straight to it, I realise that riot won't add anyone's actual concept champion to league for what I'd expect to be a number of reasons, however I'm unaware if they will use ability ideas (sorry if you do not understand, my apologies). So I've put thought into what I'd like to see in the future with league, and realise there isn't any champion who uses terrain as a means of attack (I know there are a few champions that actually do, but not in the way I'm talking about) I'm yet to experience a champion who attacks from the walls, and terrain, like some kind of a swift swordsmen who dashes to and then jumps off the wall sweeping there blade('s) in a wide area, or a ranged champion who uses proximity mines attached to walls, or one of those classic traps as you trip a wire and the steaks come flying around the corner, impaling the victim, I'm somewhat tired of seeing the normal abilities and traps that sit on the ground in what is practically becoming foreseeable, it's become boring with the usual "dodge attacks from the front" the current traps, and other abilities that that you can place are traditionally places in the middle of paths to "surprise" people, I feel like league has since lost it's touch with keeping people on edge, but if the danger could be somewhat spread out, meaning that you have to watch out for attacks from the wall, rather than just getting ganked by the jungle, I loved Vel, he was an epic addition to the game that made it so you had to be more aware of where attacks were coming from rather then just what was ahead of you, I'd like peoples thoughts on this, and if riot you haven't added something like this for a specific reason, please tell me why you haven't explored this seemingly very viable option to make new champs, also with the changes in season 6, I imagine people will start warding more often, and personally I feel like creating someone like this will be worth it due to changes in season 6. Thank you for reading.
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