Walter Horton Octavius, The Spherical Wizard

Passive: Ricochet Roulette All of Walter's basic attacks bounce off of his target, in the direction based on his positioning towards the target. The bouncing attack will deal X-X(based on level)(+X% AP) bonus magi damage to the first target it hits. Q: Power Igniting Nitro Ball Walter launches a powerful magic orb, that bounces off of walls, and will only stop bouncing when it hits a target. The orb deals X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage. The damage is increased by X% each bounce, up to a maximum of X% W: Metal Sphere Sprint Walter dashes in the target direction, dealing X/X/X/X(+X% AP) magic damage to all enemies hit in his path. If Walter hits a wall, he will bounce off that wall in a direction based on the angle of collision. Walter can bounce up to X/X/X/X times. Walter gains X/X/X/X% move speed per bounce for X seconds E: Gelatinous Utility Matter Sphere Walter launches six Spheres in random directions all around him, each going in a straight line. These spheres can bounce off of walls up to X times each. When colliding with an enemy, they explode, dealing X/X/X/X(+X% AP) in a small AoE and leave behind a blob of jelly that slows enemies in it by X/X/X/X% for X seconds. The blob lasts X seconds. The spheres will explode after bouncing their maximum amount. R: Spiritually Telepathic Ray of Kinetic Energy Walter channels a singular blast of magic into an enemy, dealing X/X/X(+X%) magic damage and sending them flying back, knocking up all enemies in the air, dealing the same damage. If the target hits a wall, they will bounce based on the angle of collision, and be dealt the initial damage. The target will bounce up to X/X/X amount of times. If the target dies during the bouncing, then a orb will take their place and continue bouncing and knocking up enemies.
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