Pre-Exile Dianna

Before Diana became the "scorn of the moon" she was a Solari. I thought what if riot makes a skin dedicated to Diana before she became who she is now. She could have a golden sceptre representing the Solari people's worshipping of the sun, or even a sword like Leona's. Her basic attacks would be the same, her passive could make an orange circle instead of the white/blue one it makes in her original skin. her q could be similar to her current one, but orange or golden like her passive, her w could make small suns that float around her, her e could make a sun on the ground as it pulls everyone towards her and her ult would be similar to what it is in her original skin. she could wear clothes native to Solari, maybe something like leona but instead of the heavy armour more of a medium or light armour.
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