New Singed Skins

Dear Riot I've been wanting a new Singed skin for a while now and there has been a couple of pretty decent Singed skins floating about the internet for a while now and was wondering if one of them could possibly become a real skin. I've heard from a couple of sources that it isnt going to be possible to ever have the Farther Singed /Daycare Singed skin in game since when Singed dies...what happens to the kid :3, is it possible that he could float away in a bubble to solve the problem of him dying. As for Bumble Singed I thought the idea of having bees chasing him (as his gas) was a brilliant idea as it is realistic as well as cool. And finally Epidemic/ Apocalyptic Singed could had a long Ghost / Ghostly trail behind him. Skins could also have extra effects added (rooting etc) Anywho, vote for your favorite Singed skin and I hope to see one in the near future
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