Helping Tool for Auto-Filled players

Hey all Just wanted to make a suggestion for a new tool to help players who are auto-filled into a role they don't usually play. One of the most frustrating aspects of the game at the moment is players who play ranked and are placed in rolls they don't normally or have never played. I think helping players know what the skill level of champions are during the Champ Select process will help out people get started in playing a role they don't normally play. The following pictures below show my suggestion for a new Champ Select tool. So basically it adds a new tab 'Role' that gives suggestions of champions in the range of what role you were given (top laner= Tank/bruiser etc.), plus always placing them in categories of the champions skill level based on mechanics. I think this will help people understand playing a unfamiliar role whilst playing a champion that doesn't require a lot of knowledge to play while they are grasping the understanding of their role in the team. Let me know what you think -Link 1 (showing 'All' tab in champ select)- -Link 2 (showing 'Role' tab in champ select)-
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