Looking for players to play ranked with flex queue or solo/duo

I want to create a good team to get out of B5... As League of Legends is a huge game many people good and bad play it and the noobs in ranked are killing me I cannot get out of b5 no matter how hard I try... For example, the game in a game I just finished playing the mid laner never pinged missing and we lost (what do you expect they had a fed Zed) Anyone who is unranked or Bronze please add me and then lets play ranked and finally get out of the void xD I am a b5 Azir main but I play many champions and can play any role. The champions I am good at are {{champion:268}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:61}} these are the champions i am sure i won't play like _trash_ and these are the champions I am level 5+ (there are other champions i am lvl 5+ too) The champions i hate are {{champion:122}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:142}} I get tilted if anyone makes stupid mistakes like not backing when they are low or not pinging. There is one last thing I need to tell you, please forget it after reading. please pleaseeeeee PLEASEEEEEEE do not pay much attention to my username {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} Have a good day.
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