[LFM] [Bronze] Non-Toxic Team Needed To Improve Together

Hello OCE, Today I'm looking for 8-10 members to play league with for my team. I haven't decided on a team name yet and am open to suggestions. I am also looking for a higher ranked coach (pref. Gold-Diamond) to help us play better separately and together. The rough schedule will look like this: * Training on Weekdays 2-3 nights a week for 2-5 hours. * One training session on weekends 5-8 hours. Times for both will be obviously down for moving around depending on other commitments of course. This team isn't going to be completely serious but we need to be serious when we are training or in a game. I will organize scrims and sort out the rosters, I just need you guys to be ready to commit to them or give me notice when you can't. My expectations: * Non-Toxic (Big one - please be tilt-proof as morale is a big factor in low ELO.) * Bronze - Silver player (Anyone ranked higher will likely get bored of us, the aim of the team is to improve together, if you think you're a god in Bronze, we don't want you.) * Be able to use Voice Chat (Another big one - we can't have you playing if you're can't be talking.) * This isn't 100% needed but it would be appreciated if you could have a different account with "[Team Abbreviation] [Your Name]" in which you buy champions for your role within the team. Thanks everyone my contact details are below, if you're interested please don't hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for your time, ~ Mr Zeroxs. Contacts: LoL IGN: Mr Zeroxs Discord: Pepe#1194 (Active on this Discord more than the other.) Discord: Pepe#5417 (I will likely not reply here but I might, please use the contacts above!)

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