Looking for support Duo Partner (Silver +), you may not know but i am an ADC main ;)

Hi, how are you friends? I am good too, thank you very much for noticing me, i am looking for a support main to duo with, silver +, as I am in Gold V, and am currently stuck with team mates who throw the game within 5 seconds, i usually play alot of my strong lane champs, such as vayne, kalista, lucian, ezreal, but i can play all adc's, just need a good support to help me climb this elo and at least reach Plat or Diamond by the end of season, uh yeah, if you got discord, then yeah lets discord and we'll try out playing a few normals first and see how we go before we play ranked, uh my IGN is JT BBE and yeah, if interest just hmu and lets play, well yeah Hello :)
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