Looking for friendly people to play with unranked

Hey, I'm looking for friendly people to play with unranked. I never rage at anyone especially if they're having a bad day or bad game (would prefer to help them instead), and don't care much about winning (winning is nice of course but whatever). It's fine if we lose if the match itself was good i.e. we gave each other a run for the money. Im pretty bad and haven't played in a while. I had an account on NA but missed the free transfer so I guess would be playing on a new account here. It would be nice to get better, but it's not important if the game itself is fun. I only really play Bruiser types (the most fun class for me I guess?) Anyone with a similar mindset interested in playing with me? Also I don't mind at all people trying weird builds or strategies or anything, it actually makes things more fun I think.
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