B4 LF Duo Supp/Offrole (I main ADC)

Hey all! ADC main/Jungle offrole, looking for a solid B4+/Silver Support main with a comfortable offrole if the need arises. Im 25, mature and have decent game knowledge. I refuse to duo with any toxicity coming from my partner, banter is acceptable within limits. Hit me up, I play 15+ games a day usually, depending on if im playing other games with friends. Prefer you to be 20+ in age, I don't play well with kids, sorry. Best champs: ADC: MF, Jinx, Vayne, Varus, Twitch. (Comfortable on all though, except Draven.) Jungle: Quinn, Lee (Not bad), Graves. Comfortable on others, Nida, Elise, Reksai. Cheers, Syn.
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