Support Main looking for ADC Duo/5's Team

Hey guys, I'm a support main and I'm looking for an ADC Duo who is active on weekends and has a need to win. I was Platinum V 100LP in preseason, and Gold 1 in the main season and painfully close to Platinum, and now I'm looking to get with an ADC so I don't have to continue solo queueing and to also have a person I can have fun banter with while still playing seriously to win. I have experience in shotcalling after playing in a semi-professional team for a year (I do have the sexy triumphant ryze), and consider myself to have a high game knowledge. I have acted as a coach and analyst of multiple teams, but that is not relevant as I am just looking for an ADC :) Am willing to play duo with any people ranging from S2-->P5, would love to get high platinum's but none of them want me :( I am looking for a non-toxic ADC who is competitive but still plays the game wanting fun and can also make good high quality banter. This is not to say that feedback is not wanted - I obviously want feedback to improve my game but if it is presented in a rude or toxic way then I will deem you as toxic and kick you out of my voice comms, which would be TS (I have a server), Skype or Discord :) I am also willing to use my knowledge to help you improve as an ADC as well, and I do not get mad if you have a bad game - we all do. Learning and banter is what I'm looking to have in my ADC partner. My pool is Leona, Braum, Alistar and Tahm Kench, but I in knowledge know how to play Thresh, Blitzcrank and Janna as well. Sorry for the long blurb. Add me if you're interested!

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