LFP Crazy Mofo Gaming

Hey Guys im ElfDonald i am a Midlaner From New Zealand Who Is currently Silver 1. I am Creating a team called Crazy Mofo Gaming to improve on teamwork and have fun with others well taking every game seriously. I am looking for players who have the will to stick and be active with the team, looking for players who like to talk about what we can do better next time and learn from the mistakes. for comms it will be either skype or teamspeak really upto what suits us best. i am wanting to enter tournaments and cybergamer in future when we feel comfit able in our skills and teamwork. What i am looking for? Looking for players who have good knowledge of the game. Looking for silver 1 ++ Players people Must have Mic or you wont be trialed. be able to use teamspeak or skype Must have stable internet. All Roles Are open Apart From mid If you guys are interested then feel free to add me in game or leave a post on forums and ill get back too you as soon as possible. Hope too see you guys soon :)
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