I need a silver support main for solo/duo queue

Yo because tomorrow is a weekend I am planning to stay on 12 hours and try hard to climb the ranked... I have been a hard stuck silver 4 for a long time now. I play Jhin, Tristana, Jinx, Miss Fortune, and Ashe. I normally play jhin when support is a mage, Tristana when support is a tank with an engaging ability, Jinx when I am against Ezreal or Draven, Miss Fortune almost always when the support is Yuumi. I am looking for a Morgana or lux main cause the are flexible and also can partly make plays when I am not there and need to save tower or something. I know how to play all lanes so I will be fine even when I get auto-filled. I believe communication is the key to winning so would be nice if you use voice, if you don't, pings work as well. Thank you and meet you on the Rift Itsuki/Gamer 15

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