[LF] Duo partner Gold + ADC preferred

posting on my smurf. but i am currently gold 1 on my main. was plat 3 a month ago when my acc hit a bump in the road and ended up demoting to now gold 1..... talk about tilt i been playing support only ,for years rarely lose lane if i have a competent laner know all match ups, itemization warding and extremely focused on winning game when i rarely find a good adc to duo with it goes really well but lately i have just had no luck, so here i am looking for some 1 who needs the same from their support feel free to add this acc and i will add u on my main if anyone is interested preferred supports janna lulu rakan soraka thresh braum. but not limited in what i can play the road to diamond awaits the question is who wants to come along for the ride?
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