Revolt LF Top and Support

Hi Guys, Revolt are currently looking for a dedicated Top and Support laner, both who have a strong knowledge of their roles and the game. We are after players who are dedicated to regular practice and to achieving small goals set out for both the team and themselves. The team is wanting a player to commit to at least a 5 minimum practice schedule where we will grind the ladder to learn each others playstyles then progress to scrims later on. Current Line Up: Top- Jungle- damosstorm Mid- Whickipedia ADC- lnadequate Support- We require a minimum of: Platinum + Solo Queue ranking Preferably Meta Champ Pool Flexible in terms of picks and availabilites TS/ Skype a must Able to take criticism well Dedication to see the team and them self progress If you think you are a strong fit for the team please add me or post here. IGN: Whickipedia
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