We Run This Place looking for serious and devoted players to expand into the competitive scene.

Hello guys, **WRTP** is currently recruiting high skilled and devoted players to join a that team will be playing in tournaments, scrimming and practicing weekly. We are looking for mature players who can take constructive criticism and has great knowledge for the competitive scene. There is currently no official set times as people do attend Highschool, University or/and have Jobs which means the times could be all over the place. But once members have filled roles I have a spreadsheet which will be filled out for set practice times. ** Requirements:** High Gold + (Or low gold with last season plat+) Positive Mindset Able to take constructive criticism Able to play a minimum of 4 days a week Able to play meta picks or learn them Able to learn new champions that become part of the meta **Available Roles:** Top Sub - Mid Sub - Jungle **Please fill this out in the comment section below if you meet the current requirements as listed above:** Role: Rank: Strongest Champions: Availability: Working microphone (Y/N): Do you have a stable internet connection? (Y/N): Teamspeak 3 installed (Y/N): _ Thank you for reading, ~ Melly
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