Emprox Talent Development Program Phase 1: Players, Coaches and Analysts

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Emprox believes that the next round of pros is out there and its a matter of giving them the right tools to succeed. We wanted to help the community by fast-tracking some of the player understandings as well as opening doors to higher level personnel that could recommend them to OPL and OCS level teams. We are introducing a small experimental run of our new program. This program is a discussion group that is part of our discord chat. Upcoming players/coaches/analyst get the opportunity to present questions of discussion in the group that will hope to ignite meaningful discussions. The project will be overseen by our Head Coach Caleb that has coached our OCS roster since 2017 who will also be contributing to these discussions on a weekly basis. The opportunity also allows for players/coaches/analyst to discuss among each other on what it takes to become a pro-level player. Each week Caleb will also present a task or a discussion topic to put forward and will guide the discussion topic to help further the knowledge of competitive gaming in Oceania. Under Phase 2 we will see candidates participating in scrims with teams as substitute players/intern coaches/ intern analysts. Join our [Discord](https://discord.gg/FWHyjHC) today to fast-track your esports career. (Please let it be known in general chat that you are here for the discussion group. You will then be able to @Caleb our Head Coach for questions) UPDATE: Discord discussion chat is underway! Click [here](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/325130621523591179/495166424667521025/unknown.png)
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