Established team looking for plat+ Top laner ASAP

Hey guys, So recently two members of Infernus Gaming have decided to step down from their roles due to personal reasons. This has opened up the opportunity for fresh faces to join the team and help the team achieve their goals. We are looking for people who are dedicated and willing to learn and improve as a team and communicate effectively in game. Whilst rank is not as important to us as long as you are willing to improve, we do ask that you are ranked at least platinum. As of now our old practice schedule has been removed, so no solid hours are in place. However, it is expected that all players can dedicate at least 3 hours every second day to team practice, as well as be able to play in online tournaments and some lans. Tryouts will begin as soon as we have an adequate number of people to trial. To apply, simply post here with the following info IGN: Age: Teamspeak (Yes/No): Why we should chose you over others: As a side note, we are also looking for people who may be interested in spectating/analysing our games and giving us constructive criticism, as well as potentially theorycraft and craft team compositions for us. For the coaching position we ask that players are ranked diamond or higher. Thanks, Sketchyy
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