Looking For A Duo Partner in Bronze

Looking to duo with people looking to get of bronze and low sliver My Roles: Top and mid Champion pools: Top: Gangplank (My Main top laner like to split push on him) Riven (Only if there are no tanks) Nasus (Just e spam split push) Mid: Annie (Go to champion for mid) Twisted Fate (Alot of pressure on the map ) Taliyah (More of my safer picks) Karthus (Safer picks as well) Also Set these in the order I play them last season Looking for: A player who wants to win but not tilt to much by one lost must mute all before game starts to prevent this tilt. Looking for a aggressive player but have a solid mind to see a open windows for a good early game to tilt the enemy team. Not be pressured to much as this is just a game but looking just to win game and also learn alot with other players Add My Account Asurine B5 60 lp
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