Need a friend and solo/duo partner (bronze)

Hey, I am looking for friend and duo partner in bronze. I can play all lanes so I am fine even if get auto-filled. I also don't flame unless teammates make very stupid mistakes... even tho I flame I chill down soon and about getting/being tilted... what is that? I am looking for adc/mid mains coz I prefer jg and support. I have 7 level 6 champions and 13 level 5 champions. {{champion:268}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:64}} ~ according to mastery points. Almost forgot... because (we) are going to be playing ranked games I will only duo if you are fine with using league voice or discord. Also, I love anime :3 {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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