Plat Mid LFT

Hi guys, I am a Plat 5 Mid laner who is looking for a pretty serious team and a team whom has extensive game knowledge. I am an ex Challenger team coach whom is wanting to put my knowledge to use. I follow the meta pretty strictly and have no hesitation in learning new champs in order to fulfil the teams requirements. Looking for a team of Plat-Diamond players. **IGN: **Real Mo Geez **Rank:** Plat 5 **Role:** Mid **Champ Pool:** Orianna, Zed, Ahri, Azir, Vlad, Cho'Gath, Kassadin, Viktor, Diana **Currently Learning:** Cassiopeia, Fizz and Ekko **Availability: **Usually from 4pm-1am **Extra info:** I have a good knowledge of P/B phase and team comps, am also not afraid to do shot calling and I am not afraid of making mistake in order to learn from them. Skype/TS: Use both but prefer TS. Secondary Role: ADC, can play most ADC's in the meta at a competent level. Feel free to add me.
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