The non-salt plat 5 ranked team.

My name is Arrabbiata and I am a plat 2 looking to create a ranked 5s. I am willing to take high gold but prefer mid to high plat. ADC and support is already taken. Looking for a top, mid and jgler. Requirements are: - Absolutely 0 salt. If you are salty then see ya m8. We accept constructive criticism though~ - Know your position. Know your limits. Sometimes it's hard. I know...but try not to feed! we don't expect you to win 24/7 - I don't expect you to play every champion but it's important to have at least 2-3 champions with decent KDA (3+ ~4 KDA) - We use discord mainly but sometimes skype if needed. It is essential you are able to talk so please have a mic! We are non-salty and funny bunch of people who are here to have fun and win together. You will feel most welcomed. - You have to be on....a lot. We want players that are extremely active. Feel free to add me and you can join whenever to play with us! Lets have some fun.
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