Crazy Mofo Gaming G2 Team LF Players

Hey Guys Im Elfdonald the leader of team crazy mofo gaming. WE been abit off cause we haven't found the right people that suit us well. we are looking for dedicated active players to join our squad. people who can work with others and has good game knowledge. looking for players who willing to develop and learn with others. we have a solid top laner and mid lane and adc. we use skype and every1 communicates well with others just need to find the 2 right people to fill in the slot. Our Current Line Up: Top: 5287052 Jungle:Tip Rush Mid:ElfDonald Adc:iLiyaSviel Support:Twitchyyy Subs: xbonglord420x PineCone Requirements we are looking for? Plat ++ Must have mic and skype Must be willing to play with others. non rage someone willing to stick with team even threw bad moments. If you are interested then feel free to add me in game *ElfDonald* or leave a post here ill get back too you as soon as possible.
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