Alpha Sydney Development Roster LF Players

Alpha Sydney is currently on the look for new players to fill the rest of the development roster. This team will be working closely with the main team as well as the rest of the coaching staff to increase their skill level as well as the teams to have a competent sub roster as well as a chance to advance to the main team. The roles that we are currently looking for are: - Top - Jungle - Mid The minimum requirements for the position is to have an open mind in improving yourself as a player, have an open schedule (as we train 4-5 times a week) and to have a minimum **solo queue rank of Diamond 4+ ** As for what we can do for you, being apart of Alpha Sydney means that you will get some of the best coaching staff to assist the team for improvement, all expenses paid for services needed for practice/tourneys and fully managed schedule that will be put in place for the ease of the team. If you are interested in any three of the positions please contact me via the in game client " ASYD Doss ". Thank you all and goodluck. Twitter: Website: Twitch:

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