LFM for Semi Serious team. 16+ only :)

Hi im looking for some people that are interested in getting into some semi serious team ranked. A little bit about me: My name is Caleb, im 23, and im from Sydney. I have played LoL since season 2 but have mainly just been playing with some friends for some fun in my off time. I am currently a student at university but thankfully exams are over soon. I have always had an interest in competitive gaming (CS 1.6, CS:S and CoD mainly). Im am very much interested in starting a team with a solid group that is willing to learn and have fun with each other. I main adc/support and my friend Josh who i am starting the team with mains top. However, we are flexible. Im looking for people who: - Love the game - Have a positive attitude - Want to look at always getting better at the game - Have a microphone and skype :) Most important thing: I DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR RANK. If you are a genuine person, thats what im interested in. There is nothing worse than a toxic team. add ihaveareallife in game, 16+ only thanks :)
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